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GET - GEO EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGIES - is a German geophysical company providing exploration service worldwide since 1986.

GET performs state-of-the-art ground-based geophysics for geotechnical projects in the application fields groundwater, rock and soil engineering, environment as well as UXO-detection and maintains a modern portfolio of geophysical equipment.

Furthermore it conducts some unique and innovative techniques; like the TBM-based BEAM® ground prediction system for the tunnelling industry as well as the new helicopter-borne seismo-electromagnetic methods HYDROSCAN® and ORESCAN® for exploration and 3D imaging of oil&gas reservoirs as well as ore minerals.

Headquarters in Mainz, Germany

The company is led by the geologist and geophysicist Dr. Arnim Kaus and the economist Dipl.-Econ. Wolf Boening.

In total 10 highly qualified geophysicists, geologists, oil field engineers as well as trained freelancer are available for reliable performance of customized projects across the world.




Our Brands

d HYDROSCAN® is an airborne seismo-electro-magnetic technology which is used to detect hydrocarbon (HC) accumulations up to depths of more than 4,000 m with 3D depth estimation.




OSC ORESCAN® is a seismo-electromagnetic technology for prospecting and 3D imaging of ore mineral resources fast and cost-effective by helicopter .



HYDROSCAN®, ORESCAN® and BEAM® are proprietary patented technologies and registered brands by Geo Exploration Technologies GmbH.

EPM method is still patent pending. GET expects to complete the last phase of the research project in the end of 2015 for enabling to release this technology.



Pic EPM - Electrokinetic Pore-fluid Mixer - is a new innovative Enhanced Oil Recovery technology based on injection of controlled current sweeps into the pay.




Pic BEAM® - Bore-tunnelling Electrical Ahead Monitoring - is a geophysical real-time ahead monitoring system especially designed for modern TBM drives.





e We are committed to work ethically, and in full compliance with the law in our dealings with customers, suppliers, agencies and GET employees.





Keys of Success

e Engaged and highly qualified employees

c Development and use of superior technologies for the prosperity of customer

c Fast, cost efficient and accurate delivery of geophysical services